PHYSICAL APPEARANCE: the nonverbal communication

Picture this,a young voluptuous woman,was sashaying her way pass through the reception unknowingly,with eyes so mesmerizing, any woman who even took a glimpse wished she’d had hers.Those never ending legs which resembled that of Gisele Bunchen,was nicely fitted with a classy pair of heels.Her hair meticulously pinned up was so fragrant, even the air reeked of it. She was drop dead gorgeous. Yes that person is Jessica Alba.

Undisputed sex icon to date, Jessica Alba is every girl’s dream and every guy’s fantasy. For your viewing pleasure, we shall “TEAR HER APART” and uncover the secrets behind her beauty. Body frame: Jessica Alba has a body frame that makes all men drool and all women envious. Her vital stats are perfect; a small waist line and a voluptuous figure, the making of a fine lady. Just revisit the photo again, how many of us would not be impressed by her looks?

Suppose we  rely solely on the nonverbal aspect of communication for a day. The need to judge based on our physical appearances would make an excellent idea.

It is stated that the physical appearance aspect of nonverbal communication associates specific personality with various body types, dress, hairstyle, height, skin, etc.

Now let’s take a look at Alba’s features. She has beautiful eyes. gorgeous cheekbones and a face that every guy would fantasize. It is only natural that in terms of physical appearance, Jessica Alba is the epitome of a sex bomb. Hence we can relate that there’s a positive correlation between a good physical appearance and attractiveness. A person with good physical appearance would most definitely get more attention inevitably.,r:6,s:0

In contrast here we see ‘ugly betty’, someone who’s perceived to be not so physically attractive. Similarly, let’s tear her apart and pin point her flaws. Ugly betty is ugly for several reasons. One, her braces do not match her age. Nobody in the late 20s should still wear braces it’s gross we all know that. Secondly, her fashion sense. It’s bad enough if she has no fashion sense but it’s worse when she has bizarre fashion sense that people cannot relate to. Physically she’s not voluptuous, bespectacled and i don’t suppose her cheekbone is outstanding.In a nutshell, she just doesn’t have the face for people be physically attracted to her. (no offence to the actress who took up the role she is as a matter of fact really good at executing the role)

As we can see, the non verbal aspect of communication plays a vital role in a person’s life as well. Verbally she can be deemed as a class act but when we take into her account her less than stellar physical appearance, somehow she just depreciates in value. Conversely if we have another person who excels in both aspects as in the case of Jessica Alba, we can see that the society would then put her on elevated pedestal.

My point is, nonverbal communication can be interpreted as even more important and crucial than verbal communication. In communicating with someone verbally, you are judged based on how well you deliver and carry yourself in speeches. In a non verbal scenario, YOU ARE JUDGED EVEN BEFORE YOU KNOW IT. Now isn’t that terrible?

Question of the day, which (verbal/non-verbal) is more important?

4 Responses to “PHYSICAL APPEARANCE: the nonverbal communication”
  1. Rachel says:

    I think nonverbal cues are more important because people usually do not express themselves fully with just verbal cues. Our subconscious mind tends to pick up nonverbal cues from other people from the moment we see someone else. I suppose that is why they say “the first impression is the most important”.

    On the other hand, physical appearance and good communication skills are only two out of the many factors that determine how well others view a person. If one has good looks and speaks well but does not mean what one says, people can pick up nonverbal cues from one’s body language and may think, “Okay, this person looks presentable and carries himself/herself well, but there’s something about this person that doesn’t make me want to believe everything he/she says.”

    • joleeyawn says:

      true rachel, i am sure there’s more than just physical appearance and good communication skills to judge a person. The society is very interesting, we take cues here and there to make sense of the world around us. I would probably agree with you that body language is pretty crucial also. The way your body is positioned speaks a lot about yourself too. That is why when we are going for an interview, the common advice would be to SIT UP STRAIGHT and PROJECT YOUR VOICE.

  2. Paul says:

    Well,things become harder as people tend to clump, judge and stereotype. Do we have a false vision of beauty, you think Jo?

    • joleeyawn says:

      hey paul! thanks for commenting on every of my post. you’ve been A-W-E-S-O-M-E. anyways, false vision of beauty… not so much. i tend to think of the cliche statement that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. People can jude you, but there’s gonna be that special someone who is not gonna and who loves you for who you are. I THINK

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